Wednesday, June 2, 2010



Almost every top class movie features a logo of the American Humane Society's involvement in Movies (AHAD) assuring viewers that "No animals were hurt, injured or killed" while making this film.

This shows that even for entertainments, like, "AVATAR" or "HACHIKO- A Dogs Story"..etc, animals were treated with utmost respect and officials were on standby to observe if any cruel acts were made.

Not in Malaysia. Not even planned for, in the so called "Perfect 2020" cockeyed vision. Bollox!
Last week there was this issue raised about how a lowly 'rambo' handler kicked, pulled and pinched our 'King of the Jungle' just for some photo shoot.

A group gathered at the scene there last Saturday were not spared any humane act either. There were women and children present.
This time around, these concerned folks were greeted with 'strange looking' hulks and the cops chased the gathering away. Malaysia Boleh!
Maybe, the law were there to 'protect' da tiger! Ha!Ha!

Now another case!
A smoking Orang Utan!
Now we know why 'pack of 14s' are still allowed!
It was reported at Malaysiakini here ,that an Orang Utan in a Zoo in Johore is trained to puff away.
It also looked like this primate is addicted to nicotine!
Are we Malaysians caring enough to fcuk those in the higher authority to ACT?
It also look like they are NOT qualified to be in these positions. Are we really running out of truly capable and honest people?

It is getting crappy here!
Please do something sensible instead of awarding queers (a teacher) who said he likes to read books and have sex every day in order to be smart. Which comes first? Sex before reading or reading before sex? What kinda of books? Tolstoy's "War and Peace"?, A Holy Book? Nah, it could be Playboy, Penthouse or Hustler. Sex sells, see? Duh!

Also reported in the news today about some rough handling at the high seas off Gaza. Some big shot said something about '...attacking and armed action on happless and unarmed peace loving people doing some good acts...' Didn't we have that here, when some peaceful, unarmed and loving candle/flower holding women and children were sprayed with caustic chemical water cannons ....? I can, you cannot...? Fcuk off assholes!

Malaysia Boleh!

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