Thursday, November 4, 2010

How Far Can We Go?

Un-necessary Fireworks.

With the increase of price (again) in petrol days ago, just how are we taking it?

The backlash is yet to come i.e. the increase of almost all commodities such as food, transport, travel, sundries....etc. doesn't the public care and worry about this?

The festive season is near. Yes we need to celebrate but then do we have to 'burn' up our hard earned cash to buy these kind of fireworks just to enjoy the 'bang'? While talking to some of our neighbours, we noted that those who plays are usually the ignorant poor and the arrogant rich!

Don't they need to save some cash for the 'rainy' days? How about saving the cash for the old folks? I am sure most have them at home and my bet would be they may need some sort of medical care or medicines.
Then why not they save the money for them instead of burning it up at the slightest excuse due to festivals?

Prices of medication have never dropped and not only they are getting more costlier it is getting limited at hospitals.
As for the un-necessary fireworks, it also causes disturbances within your neighbours. Many a times, I would have preferred to go out of our home to confront these inconsiderate people and perhaps wring their necks! The cops? Nah. been there, done that! It is useless!

I used to accept the excuse of 'because we have to celebrate', 'because it is part of our culture', 'because of our religon','...............bull............' so maybe only at certain times they can play but then, who is to control? Last nite, the so called celebration lasted till 2 am in the morning!
By the way, what celebration? There is one coming tomorrow?

Therefore we need to educate ourselves and be considerate to all our neighbours. Moreover, it
is indirectly giving our Gormen a message. "Come on, increase the price of everything. We can still afford to burn our money up. We still got plenty left!"

Please people, for once, just think of those in need.

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