Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Resting In Peace?

The Olde Gap Rest House

Such a majestic architecture, left to rot.

Was at the hills on Thursday, 28th. October, 2010 and while waiting for our turn to go up the hills (again?) we still see the sad state of affairs almost every week.
This picture was taken in 2008, 2 years ago.
The nostalgic Gap Rest House is still dead!
Dead for the last six years!
You may see the date stated on the project board but the actual date of death (close for renovations) was already three years before! This is on the state of Selangor (state boundary) whereas most of Fraser's sits on the state of Pahang.
Just look at the conflicting date stated on the board!
By the look of the picture, is there any one working?
Even the concrete mixer (the only one) have weeds growing on it!
Even the little so called town is Dead. I am talking of Gap.

This is a picture I took in 1971 and that would be 39 years ago. Taken with a Kodak Brownie camera when I was a kid.

Just look at it now, five days ago!
As good as dead!

This is the million Ringgit suspension bridge.

Thank God, I walked across it safely. Even weeds are growing on it!
Just why would anyone for that matter spend so much and to abandon it half way?
It is an eye sore for every tourists who have to pass this town every time they go up and down Fraser's Hill.
The classic signage put up during the opening of the rest house is left to rot. It look like a tombstone instead. This is sad.


John Wong said...

Really sad state of affairs at Frazers. I ve been living away from Malaysia since 2005 but the last time I visited Frazers it seemed to be reverting to Malay Kampong rather than Colonial era hill station.

Birds Talking Too said...

Thanks John for dropping by. Yes very sad indeed. They've just spent millions of ringgit and claimed to have an aura of "Little England"!!!
'Little England my poot!!!
Ah... those were the days... a shot of whiskey and a round of the 'one-armed-bandit' at the Tavern. Tavern? Yup the building is still there but the new operator treated it like their summer cottage...open as and when they like. Little England again? My poot! It looks more like little malay kampung indeed!!!
Agreed, Agreed..shucks!

Birds Talking Too