Saturday, April 2, 2011

Is This Legal?

Satellite Dish It is sprouting all over Klang. Many homes are now fitting (legal?) satellite dishes which I was told, can receive 300plus World TV channels FREE of subsciption charges! One just got to buy a complete set which includes a 'so called decoder', a ten-foot dish including cables for about RM1,600.00. That is all. No other charges & free of monthly fees. I was also told that we do not pay any licensing fees as we would have to bear the loss should we be caught by the authorities!

Caught by the authorities? Which authority? Police? MPK? Is that fair to all ASSthrow customers who are paying at least RM1,600.00 per year for a standard package or RM3,600.00 per year with super-dupersports/movies/repeats/........etc.

Is that true? Maybe I go join my neighbour to fit one set. The same dish adjusted even higher, yesterday. What's the difference when satellites are located miles above our earth and do an extra 10 feet count?

The authorities cannot even spot a TEN FOOT dish located on top the roof of the house so FULLY EXPOSED! Maybe my neighbour is from East Malaysia (noticed his pick-up truck's registration number plate) and it is OK to use it there, but then, this is West Malaysia. Are there TWO sets of Law in this Country? It also look like it is getting Lawless! Up yours Authorities! Fook the LAW!


WChinner said...

Hi Uncle Don,
Do you know that when the aliens one day will attack planet Earth, they will be the first ones to be zapped!!

Satellite dishes like this are the easiest way for the aliens to access them. Hahahahaa!
These people are asking for trouble!

Birds Talking Too said...

I doubt there would be any trouble because our Law enforcement suxs to high heaven. Just imagine this a case of some kurang ajar people smoking away in a no smoking zone in One Utama. Who's is going to 'catch' them? MBPJ? Polis? kementerian? House guards? the owner of One Utama? I was told to take a leaping frog to the moon! ha!Ha! Maraysia boreh!