Monday, April 11, 2011

Ultra Macro

Coming Up Just received an adaptor to fit up my old Bellow Unit (Minolta) to my Lumix GH2. This is the Micro Four Thirds to MD lens.

Tested and shot some ultra-macro HD Videos and on Cinema 24p Mode. This is the set up.

The bellow unit have twin macro focusing feature on its slide-rail.


Isabel said...

cant wait to c the pictures using this TWIN macro focusing.

Birds Talking Too said...

editing now.

Setia Alam said...

Just wondering how much this lens cost? I am new to DLSR and would like to buy one soon:)


Birds Talking Too said...

It depends what brand of DSLR you are settling for. Each of them have speciality lenses for their use. A bellow kit, flash ring to be used with the standard lens varies from RM4,000 to RM6,000.
Mine is an old 35mm SLR type to be use with the M4/3 system with the right adaptor. I shoot HD Videos and a special macro lighting kit is to be used.
The sad thing is that all these are not available locally.