Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Last Straw

Enough is Enough One of my 7-year old Koi is dead.

And this evening, another Koi was badly scratched but survived. What happened?

There is an intruder in our garden. In fact, there are seven intruders in total. They kill for fun. Not they are hungry but well fed.

Our birds are also at risk. They all roost around our garden and have made their homes here. They have done so for the last seven years. Our Sunbirds, Magpies, Peaceful Doves and Tailor Birds are wild and flies freely. Until now.

The neighbours have a combined pest of seven fat cats. Not only they used our garden as a place to poop and shit. They have now killed our Koi fish. In our garden pond. And the birds. This evening, another attempted kill. Dear readers, what shall we do? Is it a crime to rid this problem? The particular neighbours do not give a shit what their cats do. They personally 'supervised' MPK to catch and kill stray dogs recently but it is all right for their damn cats to invade our private property to shit and kill. Damn neighbours.

Dear readers just what shall we do? Is it OK to rid this problem in our own property?

Do we wait till another Koi fish to get killed? The birds? Dear readers, just what shall we do?


roseanne said...

hahaha.... talking about cats.... I had my fish killed and eaten by neighbour's cats before..

Birds Talking Too said...

I have whispered around the neighbourhood that the very next cat that set its filthy paws on the boundary line, he is dead meat.
It is a standing order. Although a nature and animal lover, a fish life is no different to a cat life. Hope I do not have (need) to deal with seven cats.