Sunday, September 11, 2011

Walking On Trees

Cat Attack

Few months ago, we were invaded by neighbour's cats. Seven of 'em. (less two but added two again!) They killed our seven year old Japanese Koi fish from our pond. One gave birth to four kittens on our vegetable planter box. The rest shit-ted and pee-edd in our garden thus making our beloved home, their toilet!

We were then worried for our other Kois and of course, our birds. Feathers were found among the flower pots. This time, we caught two of them in the act. On Video.

Blardy cats, they should be playing with their fellow pussies in their own home. But no. Their owner does not give a two hoots even after we made some complaint. Blardy shit, they have just declared WAR after killing two Merbuk (dove) babies and left their mummy, half featherless in our house.

They got into our home by walking on trees! The main gate proved too deadly I guess!

Watch the video here.


Dreamer said...

I love birds and fishes better than cats. Speaking from a non cat lover, i would say, secretly catch the cat/s, bring it/them far away!

i also hate cats coming to poo in my garden.

Your neighbor should spayed all the cats of theirs. overpopulated of cats - no good!

Birds Talking Too said...

Thanks Dreamer,
Yup, catch em and bring em far away as possible. With the expensive tolls on expressways, I will take them further... say out of this world for free.....hahaha!
As for the neighbours... and with such inconsiderate attitude in life.., they should spay/neuter themselves first!!!hehe!
Thanks for dropping by. Rgds.