Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why Bitch about?

Ok, we are all pissed off about a Minister saying this, and another MP doing that. This cannot and that cannot.
ok ok ok. Then, just what the hell can you or I do about it? Millions and Billions of Ringgit disappears or go down the drain, yet newer cases surfaces. Wtf?
Why don't we just sit down and use our shitty brains to think deeply why all these continues. No need to go that far. Just think back. Just ask your brother, sister, cousin, nephew, niece, grandpa, grandma, uncles..blah..blah..why these assholes continue to plunder and blunder thus making our lives so suckingly SUXs!!!

Did they vote the last time?
Were they registered voters?
Did they care? I was shockingly amazed that many did not care to vote.
Their stupid reasons were:-

i) No time to vote
ii) Not interested in politics
iii) No difference as my one vote don't count.
iv) Don't like the candidate of the area.
v) Not bothered

Not bothered? Let me tell you friend, you may have kids (or going to have kids) and their life is going to SUX big time. You, their parent may have already condemned their lives to hell and they may end up being maids, dvd sellers, mandarin orange sellers, washing hairs, selling dried pork meat, bouncers for ah longs....
Put down your blardy smart phone and think real hard....

Welcome to reality!
Stop bitching about. Blardy fark!

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