Sunday, July 15, 2012

Praises for MCA

It was reported that.....
"A newly wedded couple praises MaC for their sex life.
Ah Lian, aged 23 said that after reading the recent news on the papers, she felt that her life is very satisfied and have improved her sexually. This was echoed by Ah Beng, her 20 year old husband and added that both of them are having good sex in bed. He added that Boss Jr. of 'you-know-who' have succeeded in arguing about the 'kueh-talam' case and have impressed both of them about their future.
Unlike a similar case in Kelantan where a couple blames their divorce on PAS for favouring another race,(please see here for details), this newly weds are so full of praises that they experience multiple orgasm everytime they are in bed. She fantasises about Sor Hai Lek as she claimed him to be handsome, and very macho.
They now plans for record their romp on DVD so as to encourage other couples to share and experience their good time."


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