Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rest In Peace Sabrina

Sabrina Yeap, the founder of Furry Friends Farm in Kundang has passed away today.
She spent most of her life saving stray dogs and cats and made the headlines when the Pulau Ketam fiasco came about. The authorities gave Sabrina and her rescue team difficult moments when the news broke out that close to 400 rounded-up dogs were 'thrown' away into a tidal swamp where all of them died a slow & horrible death. I was part of the rescue team and witnessed the horror.
Sabrina, the Lord knows of your kind deeds and love for animals. May you Rest In Peace. You have been an angel for all those strays who have suffered and it was you who showered them with love and kindness.

Please view some video clips on the Pulau Ketam Dogs Rescue and press reports.

1) Swamp Dogs Rescue (Video) here

2) Saving Grace (Video) here

3) Saving Grace Part 2 - At the Vet. (Video) here

4) The Rescue team.

5) Animal Welfare Association Malaysia 

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