Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fishy & Empty!


Now it is also SMELLY!!!!!

Drove up again to the spanking new Klang Sentral Bus and Taxi Terminal located 12Km NORTH of Klang ..............................in a town called Meru .
Klang Sentral is located in Meru.
It is NOT located in Klang but Meru (incidentally it is off Jalan Meru).
Just like the City of Ipoh...located 150Kms north of Jalan Ipoh in the City of Kuala Lumpur !!!!
See how politicians speak? Just like snakes....forked tougue!!!!!!
Even many Klangites, especially those who lives across the Klang River, in Kelang Selatan (South) do not even know where Klang Sentral is!!!!!

The former MB buggered big time by almost declaring to the world that Klang would be a "Developed City"....just before he got fucked big time by the Rakyat!!!!!!

Klang Utara folks DO NOT even have a HOSPITAL!!!!!!! but Klang Selantan people got FOUR near to each other!!!! If any of Klang Utara folks gets a serious health problem, getting to PJ or Subang is quicker!!! Also because of an on-going two-year traffic jam!!!!!

Back to the blessed KLANG SENTRAL.
Yesterday and about 5pm, we went there to see what was happening to the RM300 MILLION
"White Elephant". The whole damn place smells like SHIT! Human shit that is.
All because a sewerage pump house is located so near the BUS area..... say about 200 feet!!!!! And also guess what?
With so little people using this bus stop and with close to 200 empty shops....just where all da shit came from???? Poor maintenence again? Pump rosak-ed already ?
The new roads are already 'cracked-up' and damaged. There are already potholes!!!! Rather strange especially with so little buses moving around.

No one seemed interested in renting or buying all the new shops and is gawd awfully deserted!!
Why build when no one is seriously keen to buy? Why build so many? Just think of all the 'importation' of foreign workers to build this place in a hurry? Are we really short of shops? Houses? I also doubt Giant Hypermarket would be built unless they are in the mood to commit 'Hara-kiri"......Ha!Ha!

A Classic example is the PKNS's empty shopshouses located right in the biggest Pasar in Klang Town. There are almost 300 'rentable' units of first to third floors but are empty right now.
What we can see are units being used to 'house' all those foreign workers working in the wet market and shops located in the ground floors. Please go there and see it for your self.
Yet we see PKNS hurry to clear land/hillslopes to build, build and build like crazy! For what?
It's deserted, quiet, smelly and the entire project look so.......................FISHY!

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