Friday, February 6, 2009

Five thousand calls later!

Whadda Fark?
It was reported yesterday in the press, that a frustrated girl after reaching puberty made 5000 prank calls to the Emergency department (equiv. to 911) ......the fuck is that the Department concerned, let her off the hook (by the' limp prick ' boss) who in many previous press statements said that stern actions would be taken for so many hoax calls!

No, not 5 calls, 50 calls or even 500 calls. It is a frigging 5000 calls using her hand phone!!!!!!Malaysia Boleh!

Again, just whadda fuck her parents were doing? She is only 17 years old and who pays for her phone bills? Surely she is not working or earning a salary? Looks like the parents are also fucked up. Maybe they should have taught her how to use the 'vibrating' feature of her handphone to pass her time.

This incident alone like the hoax calls made and the limp prick's forgiveness should have gone to da Malaysia's Book of Records of sorts!!!! Our Gormen's Authorities Fucked Big Time!

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