Sunday, February 8, 2009

Frontside Backside.


Where else in the World can one get confuse with the word 'central' ?
Central is central, North is North, South is South. There is no two ways about it.

But here is Klang, the current suffering faced by bus passengers is just more than confusing.

The old main Bus terminal is called Klang Utara Terminal (North) which is located right in the heart of the city and is really centralised. It was there since Klang was founded aound 1800s when horses and bullock carts were the main medium of transport.

Then in 2006, some 'smart arse' made a decision just because some smart arse businessmen suggested that some palm oil swamp that costs only 40sen per square feet (now the total costs RM300million) be made into a transportation HUB (.....just hate that word....another one is......."World Class"........). At this price, one can build a small AIRPORT.

The trouble is that this new Bus and Taxi station (intimately called "Sentral" malay for Central) is located near a village called Meru ,12 Km North of Klang town. This is where the confusion starts.
Sentral is geographically located in North of Klang and Klang North terminal is convenietly located in the Central part of Klang.

The Reason? Money!
Why all the fuss? Simply ridiculous!

If I want to go to Kuala Lumpur and I reside in the city of Klang, I would have to go up 12 Km Northwards (to the new Sentral terminal) to get a bus which would eventually go back down south to Klang town to reach the Federal Highway and then, to Kuala Lumpur!!!!!

What Fuck is all this? How can I save time and money if I have to drive 30 minutes to the north, then park my car and pay some more and spent 40 minutes by bus to Klang town again and then another one hour bus ride to Kuala Lumpur? I might as well drive to KL myself!!! Fuck! What kind of brains did MPK have?
The main trouble is that Agreements have already been signed with the privateers and to break it, it would cost the citizens millions of Ringgit in penalty!!!!!
Just like all those 'privatised' projects like the Highways, Parking meters........need we say more?
How can all these change?
(Picture above): The RM300Million Sentral Klang Project!!!!!

Just sack all these uneducated limp pricks in the Authority who are ...incidentally..politicians not fit to make critical decisions which would help ordinary citizens like you and me.
Aren't we suffering enough already? This Sentral Sucks Big Time for us Klangites!!

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