Sunday, February 22, 2009

Plane over Gurney Plaza, Penang


Google Earth is one of my favourite site for the World's Pictorial Information.

Armchair travelling, or rather armchair 'flying' was never that easy with so much large maps and atlas. Just by moving your fingers and rolling your mouse, one gets so much information about where and what places are all about. With its new 3D feature, we can now tilt the picture 'slide' ways to get a beeter feel of the place.

Early last year, while 'flying' about Peninsula Malaysia, I spotted a Boeing 777 flying over Gurney Plaza in Penang Malaysia. The satellite shot was taken on 23rd. January, 2005.
You can also see the plane's shadow on the ground.
This is a rare shot as the aircraft was flying at least 10,000 meters above sea level.
(Please click on above image to enlarge.)

This plane is either belonging to Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines or Cathay Pacific.

The Co-Ordinates are at:-

5°26′04.71″ N
100°18′37.87″ E

Many other have also reported shots like these at different parts of the world and have attracted interested person to 'go out and seek' these rare gems.

Google Earth (and Google Maps) are the current modern computer tools that is easy to use and understand and I have been using this since 2004. Go get yours today if you have not download it yet. It is free from Google.

Note: These pictures are from Google Earth. They were not shot by me as I have yet learnt
to 'fly' that high yet! Ha!Ha!
Thanks Google.

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