Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cooked Our Own!


Managed to get the freshest flower Crabs from our coastal town recently and prepared our favourite Baked Crabs ala 'Kemaman'.

We used only the large sized ones and the fresh meat of these 'blue-manna' is unforgetable!

We seriously do not recommend that you buy them from the hypermarts because it looks like they have been 'selected' and 'sorted' out from so many kind/varieties. It also looked like it was obtained from different places. The colour and pattern differs. Our local ones are of the same 'batch' and still have fresh looking eyes! The frozen ones lost all their eyes due to freezing!

That pleasantly reminded us of our fishing trip off Perth, Western Australia in a seaside town of Mandurah. It was the season and after obtaining a license, we caught almost 200 crabs! All alive and kicking! Shot that on Hi-8 Video.

This is how we did ours. Yummy!This is the original "Kemaman" crabs when we were there early last year (below)
Yummy too! But still miss the Kemaman "Hai Peng" coffee!!

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