Thursday, April 30, 2009

3 Boats, 3 Chairs and a Plank!

Where Da F*ck is the Pulau Ketam Jetty?

Visited Pulau Ketam a few days ago and was very disappointed at what we have seen and experienced.

Isn't this place also a tourist spot? Why are tourists being treated this way?
Importantly, just why are the folks of Pulau Ketam also treated like this daily?

Why spend Billions of Ringgit on places that became a 'stinko' and being abandoned like the infamous PKFZ?
The completed Bandar Armada Putra project (next to the Star Cruise Terminal) is like a haunted township with shops and homes stripped off its metal doors, aluminium windows and is heavily overgrown with bushes!

Yet the Pulau Ketam citizens are deprived of a decent jetty for their DAILY trips to and from the mainland. If you don't believe me, just try to go to Pulau Ketam for a trip!

Firstly, the old jetty is gone and have been boarded up for many years. Next to it (on the left) is the "passenger terminal" for those workers in the construction industry and maids. Wah! they get first class treatment with air conditioned waiting rooms for their 'international' trip back to Dumai, Indonesia!

Then just where is the jetty to get a ferry to Pulau Ketam?
Like we did, we went searching.
There were NO signboards, nor any tourist information centre or any thing that can show us where the jetty is!
For your information, there is NO jetty at all! What da f*ck!
Why are we Tax paying Malaysians get such cocked up treatment?

The next came as a shocker.

We were told that one must go INTO the Jabatan Marin building (supposedly to be a security area!), walk down to their pier (another security area), climb up and walk across three friggin' Marine Department Boats (more like ships, another security breach) after crossing a worn out PLANK!
Then climb down to the ferry using three piled-up (frigging) plastic chairs!!!!!! I would have sweared that a German Tourist said some bad words because she nearly fell into the sea!!!
Mother and kids were not spared at all.
An elderly lady in her eighties holding a walker also have to do this task! Talk about National Service.
Dear Authorities, please lah, go down there and see all these for yourselves! Just get your arse out of your air-conditioned room and see how people suffer everyday! Sometime ago a VVIP said something about Klang being declared a 'Developed City'!

Yah, yah, you have said (many years ago) that a new jetty is being built but why is it taking so long?
What f*ck. Stop all these talking 'Cock' and do the needy for your own citizens now!
Please help the folks of Pulau Ketam.

Another thing, about the ferry. You gotta see this for your self! What da laugh! I thought I was flying on a Fokker F27 aircraft! Malaysia really Boleh! Cyber this and that!

By the way, do you know where is this place after all?

Pictures courtesy of TV Smith April, 2009

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kaven said...

hmm weird, i went to pulau ketam too today,the sign to pulau ketam jetty sign board was just outside the ktm. walked outside the ktm n just turn right,then walk walk walk then reach. not meh?