Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Gormen want RM50.00?

Just received a new Credit/Debit card from the Bank. Did not asked for it but they send it anyway. Then the next day, our Goverment decided to charge each Credit Card, a service fee of RM50.00 annually. This is to cut spending so they say.


So I cut spending by cutting the card in half and send it back to the Bank today.

By the way, instead of making money by asking us not to spend too much, why not check what happened to the 'Service Charge Fee' which was exposed by the newspapers last week? Billions of Ringgit have been paid by the public but the Government say they did not get the dough! Our dinner bill last night, at a big restaurant, also charged us a hefty service tax amount! Just what is that for? Protection money? Fuck!

Mis-managing again?

Shucks, what kind of lame-brained people we have got up there handling our treasury?

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Anonymous said...

Interesting what the govt is thinking, what the customs is doing. I wrote in that one restaurant charges 5% on the ORIGINAL price, when it was selling seat at a promotion price (abt 45% discount). Wrote in, complain never got any reply but was told that now the restaurant charges 5% on promotion price. But then what is customs doing to ensure what we paid is really remitted to them accordingly?

Bird tweeting too