Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sea Parasite Bugs

Unhygenic Food Preparation?

Went to a new restaurant serving Penang food with wifey yesterday.
Ordered Petai Anchovies and Assam Fish Head curry with rice.
This new joint was also officially opened by the Menteri Besar a few days ago and we were impressed with the decor and list of food on the menu.
The dissapointing part was the fiery 'hot' chilli taste. The two dishes were too 'pedas' to our liking thus killing off any flavour. We are in our 50s and as if we have not eaten this kind of curry before. As a food reviewer, we find it difficult in giving it good marks. The 'small' plate of petai costs us RM13.00 and RM18.00 for the Assam curry with little Fish Head pieces. This is Klang and it is pricey.

A shocking thing is that after almost finishing our meal, we found a strange 'insect-like' bug with two eyes staring at us!
As a former angler, I have seen this kind of sea bugs before. This is bad.
I called the 'captain' to let him know. He said something like "...I will tell the cook to improve on his fish cleaning from now on...!" and that's it! ...Shucks!
Is this hygenic? What happened if one or more bugs have already been eaten by us?
Who is going to be responsible for our health safety? Can anyone advise us what to do to make a formal complaint? As this is a review, we shot a video too. Click here to watch. Gross! Disgusting!

Upon checking on the internet, this is what I've found! is in the fish's head!

Anyway, be forewarned and be careful what you eat!

We are not going to that place for meals anymore. We may sue if we know how to go about it.


WChinner said...

Hey Uncle Don;
Exactly where is this place?
I must warn my family not to go there.

Birds Talking Too said...

It is located at the new shops at Taman Perindustrian Bukit Raja, near the Pharmaniaga factory and also near the Perodua servicing facility. It is on the road between the Federal Highway and the NKVE from Klang North.
The Google Earth Co-ordinants are as follows:
3degrees03'50.29"N & 101degrees28'23.85"E.
It is a new restaurant in a newly built shop.