Monday, October 26, 2009


RESCUE: Who Killed Hitam?

I was informed that one of our heroes who were involved in the Operations Swamp Dogs rescue have been poisoned to death! This is shocking!
Hitam (Blackie) and Kuning (Yellow) were our mascots and were responsible for helping us in rescuing more than 40 out of hundreds abandoned dogs which was left for dead in Pulau Selat Kering off Pulau Ketam, Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.
According to The Star newspaper yesterday, which reported the sad news, this is most outraging because disposing stray dogs here in Malaysia is already (bad) 'news-breaking' and despicable throughout the world.The report is here.

During my involvement with the rescue team, I met Kuning and Hitam who were assisting us in welcoming "GRACE' out of the water. I shot the reunion. This was at the Kelong on 7th. May, 2009. I have now edited a new clip from my High Definition raw footage to be made into an HD video clip for anyone who wants to know Hitam Better. The black marks on his tongue is his identification and with a shiny black coat as well.

My contribution is this memorial video for our beloved Hitam. Please see it.You all can send in your monetary donations generously (if you wish) directly to Sabrina's Furry Friend Farm and/or the SPCA.

IN MEMORIAM of our Hero HITAM, I personally dedicate this video to him for helping to save more than 40 wounded and suffering dogs who are now alive.

Please see the Full HD Video here.
Please ask you friends to see this too.

Thank You everyone for your heart felt concerns ,donations and support. Malaysian dogs do deserve better!

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Anonymous said...

so so so sad! :-(
I pray for Hitam to be in the arms of Kuan Yin and will have everlasting happiness in nirvana.

Marina Tham