Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let's Us All Go Naked!

What Da Hell Is Going On,
Minister of Home Affairs?

For a week, I've been reading a debate on the newsprint that in order to reduce snatch thefts, ladies were advised NOT to carry handbags. They should don cargo pants with many pockets to store their stuff instead of a handbag. One even advised ladies to cut their hair short and try to look like a man so ladies would not be singled out.

Then girls look like boys/man look like ladies!

WTF! This is a free world. Malaysia is supposedly be a safe country where one can stroll, walk, ride, drive or even lepak safe and sound. Get to the ROOT of the problem and not a 'blanket' solution. Police, GO get the bad guys. Even for 24hrs., 7days a week, 365days a year!
Stop blaming on the public.
Are we not safe anymore?

Then what the hell we need people in the LAW and ENFORCEMENT agency?
They are fully armed with weapons yet cannot do anything thing about it.
Maybe, this time, we need to arm our selves in order to protect our families.

Then, this morning, the newspaper reported that ladies were stripped naked after being robbed while jogging! This happened in SS3, Petaling Jaya.

Perhaps we should ALL leave home completly NAKED so that to let the muggers know we are not carrying anything valuable (...except for the family's heirloom).
Hey, Minister, this is MY suggestion. Do not copy lah.
This is may also be a good idea because it can help our POLICE as they are already busy and OVERLOADED with work.

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