Friday, May 28, 2010

A'rse Formosa


A video is being circulated in the Internet World about how one of our rare Malaysian Tiger is being treated like a photo prop.

This pitiful tiger is being abused every minute by its handler (who looks like he knows shit about tigers) to pose for photographs. He uses his knees to knock its head, uses his damn hands to pull its whiskers and pinched his nose most probably to keep the tiger awake. Just watch at his face when the kind lady told him off! Geeze!

I would really have no pity on him if the tiger wakes up and rip him apart!

Hey suxheads at A'(arse) Formosa, please be educated enough.
The last time I read about you is a crocodile chomping off some golfer's hand! By the the way you suxheads, besides photos, have you not heard of VIDEOS? Just what is this "........ready?.... 1, 2, 3...ok?...) thinggy?
And to all those other ignorant dickheads who posed for photos.....f**k you too!

Please watch video here at you tube.

And do remember to pass it around quick, quick to show that we still have arseholes as 'bosses', managers, ministers.............! Minister of Perhilirtan, are you watching? You gave the lesen for them to keep the Cats?

And hey WWF, at your recent TX2 'double the number of Tigers' campaign, are we multiplying our tigers for shows like these? I am angry because I gave a donation.

Why can't you, WWF, do something to prevent such acts? You make alot of noise to us public and want donations from us only? Come on, please bare your teeth too.

I am so pissed off by by this!

By the way, Birdlife International just announced that a little duck (Grebe) from Madagascar is NOW officially extinct! Humans!


hew said...

hi donald,

i dont give one cen to the shits who walk about w wwf tshirts and claim to collect money for wwf.

they collect 1$ n give 20sen to wwf and they are authorised by wwf. came out in the papers years ago n wwf defended the practise!

It's a SCAM - like the gomen!!

Birds Talking Too said...

Yup, Hew,
It is a scam. The leechers used to hang around Banks and Hypermarts. I told one to take a leaping fcuk at the moon!
But then, I am more concerned about those ignorants who gives. Just like giving to those conmen "monks" at the pasar malam! just like da Gormen! Ha!Ha!