Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just What da Hell is Wrong With Us?

Do You Know How Lucky We Are?

After reading the Asstro's May Issue, I came to realise just how lucky we Malaysians are.
Did you know that for just below US 100 dollars, we get to be entertained with 162 channels of
TV and Radio programmes 24 hours a day? 162 Channels! Freaking Awesome!
162 channels every minute....every seconds! Real one.
We are indeed spoilt for choice!
Can anyone, out there, tell me whether any other Country enjoys this?

But then.........
Just whadda fcuk are all these (listed below) channels? I do not understand or enjoy any of them even if I try.....Fcuk!

Just what are these......
RMA, Ceria,Awani,Vanavil,Vellithirai,BulBul,Makkal,Sun,
SunMusic, Chutti,AEC,AOD,JiaYu,WahLaiToi,Phoenix,
TVB8,XingHe, Wa,CTI,TVBS,Celestial,PhoenixMovies,
ShuangXing, XiaoTaiYang,HuaHeeDai,HwaTeowWine,

50 channels for AOD, 17 digital radio channels, 3 channels ABO, 3 channels ABO sports, 5HD channels,.....blah blah.

Still, many people buys pirated CDs, VCDs and DVDs! Many still downloads from the Internet!

Hey Gormen please HELP! We need Quality!
Not Quantity!

By the way, I heard that the (HSBB) High Speed Broadband also comes with IPTV too!
What? Another few hundred channels?

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