Tuesday, May 18, 2010

True Loyalty

HACHIKO A Dog's Story

With so much dishonesty and cheat on the political scene these days, a movie about true loyalty, undying love, trust and importantly...faith, have opened our eyes that these feelings still do exists. Yup, it is still there.........in our dogs!

Watched "Hachiko, A Dog's Story" acted by heart-throb Richard Gere is one show that is going to make your day in two ways. Wet and Dry.
Japanese Akita dogs are pure breds and are connected since 1000BC. They are fiercely loyal to their Feudal Masters and have a very perculiar behaviour. This movie shows how this Japanese pup lived his life in the USA and surprised everyone involved knowing him.
I love this show. I recommend this movie to everyone even to those who find them 'haram'.
It is all about true love, devotion, loyalty, trust, hope, strength and mainly faith in a short life on earth.
I think you can still find them at some VCD/DVD stores or for those who are in the 'know', I am sure you will find your way to see this lovely movie.

However, do be prepared with TWO! boxes of tissue papers!

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