Monday, January 10, 2011

Animals Dying

What Is Happening?

Thousands of birds are dropping dead around the world.
Millions of fishes are dying suddenly too.

All around the World and within a week.
Turtle Dove

UK's Daily mail reported here.

Sott. net reports the strange incident in Faenza, Italy here.
Red-Winged Blackbird

Is the End near?


WChinner said...

The world is not ending yet - year 2012!

Birds Talking Too said...

Hi WChinner,
Glad you dropped by. How's life?
Read your FB and looks like you're enjoying life to da fullest!
Btw....yes, it may be at 2oth. Dec. 2012. Signs are already there.
Yup that leaves us (approx.) 23months and 8 days to go. Or 707days (equiv. to 17,160 hours and counting down) till then. We may NOT live to see the actual day itself because the way things go.....everyone and everything would goes KAPUT before 2012!!!!! Ha!Ha!

WChinner said...

Hi Uncle Don,
Life here on the island like that lor - same-2.
wah... you even got the calculations for count down. Better enjoy life before all of us drop dead like those birds.

Happy new year (belated)

Birds Talking Too said...

Happy New Year to you too.
Take care.


WChinner said...

Hi Uncle Don,
Your this posting gave me an idea for my next blog post. i want to write about langkawi's eagle feeding consequences would be the kites will drop dead one day!
can i use the map pic and dead birds pic?

Birds Talking Too said...

No problemo I guess. These are Googlepix.