Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rare Arfak Orchid!

Rare What Orchid?

Very lucky to capture an extremely rare orchid species from the Arfak Mountains in Papua New Guinea. It bloomed in our home garden here in Klang.

The last bloom was in 2005 due to climatic change, it usually blooms once a year.

This strange orchid features a prehistoric look with scale-like texture and a dinosaur head!

I believe this HD Video clip is the first one being shot.


fox yap said...

congratulation donald g.h tan, and thank your rare information sharing to all global especially for our local country here learn a lot from u donald, since my day at school never know this kind of plant and species, and my teacher always ask me stand at class until school finish... what the h@ck hahaha is going on!... by the way waiting your new posting

by (yap) your new loyalty fanzzz!!!ahahaha

Birds Talking Too said...

Thanks fox,
Glad you like it. Rgds