Sunday, January 16, 2011

No, No Thank You, No!

Why Can't We Say No???

Everytime you enter a supermarket/hypermarket, you would be 'attacked' by people either selling things
from induction cookers, encylopedias,
Exercise machines..blah blah. They surround you and speaking in languages one may not understand!

Since the retailing sectors are not improving, these young lass and lads were employed to uses these type of selling as a training ground to do hard selling. They literary start to climb all over you even you wished not to listen to them. Those infamous "Scratch and Win" folks are somewhere in the middle of things and whenever they hooked a poor 'fish' these victims would wish that they (the victim) had not been born. The scam is gruesome.

Want worse? Try getting out after the cash payment counters and they eagled-eyed your every move and zoom in for the kill the moment you push your trolley out. "UNKA! UNKA! this gadget saves you electricity."...."Our Credit Card has no joining Fee... on top of that we give you one teddy bear! (Just whadda F*** for?)"
Bankcard, bankcard and more bankcard. Now I know why so many idiots got into repayment problems!

Just last evening, this deaf (purposely) promoter came all over me over an induction cooker! This was not the first time. He spoked very loudly and in mandarin language that I could not really understand. What I did was deemed polite. I stopped, looked at him. I put up my right palm as a sign to stop him from speaking. He did not stop blabbering. Next, I place my right hand and fingers to show him a 'hush' sign which is meant for 'please stop speaking' and of course I am not interested what he has to say or sell. I moved on. But he still followed and spoke even louder!

I stopped, turn around and started walking towards him. I kept quiet and still with my fingers on my lips indicating that I need some peace and quiet. And that would also meant for him to zip up. That worked. (should that fail, I may try, the next time, to bring along a baseball bat)

So folks, be firm and say a big NO to these kind of irritationg idiots who do not want to take a no for an answer. Do not be cowed and walk away quietly. I heard once a degratory remark made to an old couple when they ignore them. With the internet, just what else can one 'Not' be able to buy what these blokes are selling? We are not that dumb you know.

Just where are the manners of such pushy and rude sales people? Their superiors? managers? Just what kind of grooming is this. Shame on you, Banks, for outsourcing these idiots who had reduced the brand image to look s0 low (or no) class.
So pariah!


Snapshots said...


some even start attacking at the car park ....

best we can do is not to patronize places with this type of marketing ppl.

Birds Talking Too said...

The quality of life have jatuh-ed standard. Just look at the authorities of the day. Do they really know what they are doing? Is this what ".....I have arrived meant?" Bollox!