Thursday, October 13, 2011

GH2 on Steriods!

Hacked Firmware make the
GH2 closer to RED

It was announced recently that the hacked firmware in the Panasonic Lumix GH2 Micro Four Third camera outperforms any present professional DSLR cameras such as CANON 5DMk11 or the flagship of NIKON in High Definition Video production.

The news about the hack is here.

The AVCHD Intra at 176Mbit can be programmed due to the GH2's tri-core processors. Very unique on this small camera.

That would mean that the GH2, when tweaked, can perform like the World's famous Movie production camera, the RED Scarlet which was used to make "Lord of the Rings".

Read more about the Red's Scarlet.

Now, I am planning to feed my GH2 with Tongkat Ali, Red Bull, Livita plus Ginseng!

Lets see how 'WILD' my Panasonic Lumix GH2 can go!!! HaHa!


wengchun said...

so, any good photos / videos to share with the new hacked firmware on your gh2? by the way, can you autofocus the gh2 with a nikon lens?

Birds Talking Too said...

Videos in 176Mbit AVCHD Intra on the editing table now. Superb! Classic!
No, no autofocus on any other lenses but we do not use other dSLR ones but uses old SLR lenses from Rollei and Rodenstocks as primes. We do statics with these beauties and edit on clips shot on the TM300 in 1080i for zoom effects only.

Birds Talking Too said...

Apparently, the 176Mbit AVCHD Intra does not work on my software, the Sony Vegas MD. I would need FCP to do so. Therefore, I have now reverted to the original firmware and awaiting new upgrade by Panasonic. It would be the 25p PAL version.