Monday, October 10, 2011

TizzBird Is Out!

A New Bird in Town


For those who are familiar about media players, a new 'taikor' have arrived here in Malaysia.

It is the 4th. generation of media players and is setting the standard as the next trend for Media Players. You would NOT need anymore CD players, VCD? or DVD players of even a BlueRay player. It is going to be the real 'heart' of your home entertainment system linking it to your new Flat screen HDTV, connecting it to full HD videos and Dolby Digital EX Matrix 5.1 system.

It is an Andriod base machine that can do what other media players cannot. Read more about it here or buzz me if you want to see one in action.

Visit Ideatools site for more information.

1080p.....even Asstro cannot reproduce it in their 'B.beyong' HD. HaHa!

Word of advice to those who think all media players are alike....."must you buy one to see the difference and waste all 'them' bucks...? I told you so....!"

More here.

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