Monday, May 4, 2009


For The Love Of Dogs!

For the last one week, we were making trips to Pulau Ketam.
No, not for the seafood but to plan to save lives.
Dogs' lives.

You see, many months ago, strays (about 300 of them) were being rounded up and transported to a deserted island and left there. They were left on an island dubbed by a MNS expert that even the survival rate for humans are almost 'zero'!

This is really cruel and unthinkable. Just imagine that domestic dogs are sent to the wild to fend for themselves with almost no food to eat or fresh water to drink.
Just look at the dogs especially the 'Shih-Tzu -look-alike' . How can this dog survive?

True enough, many dogs died of starvation and /or killed by poisonous snakes including millions of blood sucking sand flies. Some drowned while trying to get past the chest-deep mud flats.
The recent trip made on 2nd. May, recorded countless dead bodies and skeletons showed that this, supposedly a good deed, really turned ugly.

When this was exposed, Sabrina Yeap of Furry Friend Farm quickly organised a rescue mission to save the dogs. TV Smith and Daniel Tang were hands-on and tried their best. Unfortunately, only one pup was saved. This was because of the nature of the island and many difficulties faced.
Sabrina and the very lucky pup saved from certain death

Our plea to all dog lovers now is to help us rescue all remaining survivors.
There is very little time left. Please go to Malaysian Central to see the current story.

We have now established communications with the folks in Pulau Ketam to stop this act and have agreed to assist in rescuing the ones still on the deserted island. You can donate to this fund if you wish, so that what ever cost involved can be covered. Our friends and volunteers have already spent some amount hiring helpers, boats and food for the dogs. We are hoping to save as many as possible and Sabrina is prepared to shelter all survivors.

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