Monday, September 7, 2009

Bloody Celcom!

Hey Bodoh!
Fuck Off!

I hate spams
I hate spam SMSs that I do NOT want.
Each day I get 4 SMSs which are unsolicited.
Don't we have 'LAWS' protecting us from junk mails?
It is getting very irritatingly bothersome and how do one stop all these?
I hereby SWEAR that I will NOT buy, take part, or be interested in such jerky mails or schemes at any point in my life. So how do I stop these stupid calls?

Dear Celcom,DiGi,Maxis,whatever.......please lah, earn money the usual way. Not spams or SMSs like this .
HEY bodoh MCMC, are you getting all this? Leave Malaysiakini alone Bodoh!
By the way, bloody fuck, I do not read Mandarin at all too! What the fuck you want me to do?
The other day, I got something about duit RAYA! Fuck Shit MCMC, do something!

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