Friday, September 4, 2009


Bad For Your Health
Especially your eyesight!
See if this make any sense?

"She will blow deep fried pieces..."
"She is not lip service"
"You are go Forecasted"
"I do not like no way"
"I tell you this is not a harrasing phone"
"This is not you tube..."

"Danny, drop, drop.."
"Danny, cannot be drop.."
"Come, I can drop.."
"Oh, God. Aah?"
"I no doubted you..."

"32 minutes before Not Li baud Kerner Si Te was arrested in Hong Kong from every possible way to car brands"
"Quiet back.."
"I have always punctual"
"I like"
"I was on the road to export"
"Days you"
"What drove so late"

No, I did not buy this pirated DVD. A bird dropped by and 'lend' it to me to 'see'. This new action movie was about a cop trying to save his girlfriend from a madman taking revenge.
We almost died seeing the 'engrish sub-titles'. The movie's good though.
So poor 'England'!

Anyway, please see our buddy from Costa Rica, the Red Manakin bird. He dances like the late great Michael Jackson. His courtship dance is listed as one of the World's Top Ten. Facsinating!
And here 'dancing bird' in HD (do put on your ext. speakers). Way to go, Manakin! Dance baby, dance!

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