Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thunderbirds Are Go!

Awesome Birds!

Come this Saturday at 10am, the skies over Subang would be full of birds. Awesome birds.

The Giant Globemaster Boeing C17s together with F16 Fighting Falcons of the USAF would be doing their stunts of precision flying over the Subang Airport.

Our very own Royal Malaysian Air Force's Sukhoi Su27 Flankers would also show some of their skills.. (Sorry, could not even get a decent picture of the highly secretive Malaysian jetfighters but on Google images, I can get the 'classified' B2B, F117 and the F22 Stealth planes!) Also once upon a time, the highly secretive BAC Hawk planes were also a no, no. Guess that many of 'em have 'dropped' into the South China Sea!

The last time the Thunderbirds came around, I was there. I managed to get a jacket patch.
Also went on the KC135 tanker. We will be there to shoot some HD Videos.

Go, Thunderbirds, Go!


Froggie said...

hey donald, can you tell me when/where i can get tickets for this event or is it just like show up on saturday and figure it out there? :) Also, if you know the price for admission, that would be good too. :) Thanks! Scott

Birds Talking Too said...

Hi Froggie,
The show is Free of Charge. The RMAF base is opened to public that day. One need to go early, park the car outside and walk into the base. The thinggy starts at 9.30am the air display starts at 10am. We prefer to be along the main runway to shoot the video, so not going into the base. The entire airspace above Subang would be closed to all flights.