Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Suck That Squirrel!

Almost fell off my 'throne' this morning while reading the newspaper in the toilet.

I know, today is 090909 and the most funniest( & malu-est) thing that can happen in an animal clinic here in Malaysia. It was reported that a veterinarian was arrested for raising the pet squirrel owner's body temperature . Read Here.

You see, a teacher took her pet for a check up because her squirrel had a high fever. The 52 year old Vet, maybe having a hearing problem, got it all wrong. He inspected, groped and sucked her breast instead. Also gave her some advice how to take care of her breasts! Huh? Then afterwards, he told her no need to pay for the 'treatment' and asked her, not her squirrel, to come back again! Dumb fark what ever for? So that 'his' squirrel and attend to her the next time around? She called the cops.
And guess what?

The poor squirrel died later.....of shock!

I am also worried. You see, I have a pet Batam Cock and our Vet is a lady. My Batam Cock is not feeling to well nowadays due to the weather......................?

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