Monday, September 21, 2009

How Come?

Friggin' CLEAR!

Today is day two of the Raya Holidays.
The night sky is clear and I can see Gentings from the Expressway towards KLIA.
Have not experience such clear night for the last six months!

What happened?
Is it that the illegal burning have stopped? All workers went 'home' for the holidays?
Is it that due to the festival, many are 'off' work thus no "haze/smog/smoke"pollution?

Then, I seriously suggest that the Authorities monitor this situation so that we all can enjoy clear, clean air that is due to us. Enough of lame excuses day in and day out!

Just got back from the airport. While driving, I can see six aircrafts' landing lights, all beautifully line-up for a landing pattern over Runway 14L. Gosh! Un-believeable.

Hope this lasts!

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