Thursday, June 23, 2011

Want To Buy?

Ball Point Pens?

As if our dear country is running out of ball point pens.

For the last 10 months, there is this foreign-looking-lady knocking at car windows asking for cash and is now selling ball point pens. What have happened to our dear country? Why is this allowed?
Are the authorities sleeping as usual? Close one eye?

These photos were taken in December last year.

I suspect that this elderly female beggar is from a third world country. She does not look local and is begging right in front of us everyday and a highway junction is no exception. Bigger traffic jam means more customers. This is begining to look like Ethiopia!

Kesian Malaysia. Sudah jatuh standard and by the way, just look at the rubbish on the road. This is a 'toll-ed' Highway dammnit!
Want to see her? Just go to the (tolled) Lebuh Raya Selat Klang highway junction (route 20) connecting Jalan Meru (route B1) in Klang. The GPS co-ordinance is at: 3degrees 04' 21.75" N and 101degrees 26' 59.28" E

We saw her at it again yesterday at 2.55pm. Business must be that good.
What is the Immigration Department doing? Easily by now, thousands of vehicles would have seen her.
When will they act? Until she gets settled down and with a dozen of kids joining her to sell ball point pens..... izzit?

Malu Malaysia.


roseanne said...

I just saw her last week.

roseanne said...

i just saw her last week. same place

Birds Talking Too said...

Yah, You can even see a new one at the Federal Highway flyover near Batu Tiga, connecting to the highway leading to KLIA.
They must have told all their folks back home in Afrika that Malaysians are easy meat and suckers. Come one come all. Since there are already 3 million illegals waiting to be registered.