Saturday, June 11, 2011

Contaminated Food

Very Unhealthy,

Made a press complaint on what happened at breakfast.

We bought a pack of fresh pastry puff from the Bakery Dept. at Tesco Hypermarket, Setia Alam on May 23.

The next morning, I ate the first one and felt funny. The taste was way off.
I decided to cut open the second puff and was shocked to find that it was full of mould.
Yes, the fungus type.
In our food and it is anyone's guess that it could send one running to the toilet shitting 'bricks'!!!
How can a giant Multinational Company allow such poor food safety standard to go by?

Weeks before I had a bad case of food poisoning and my doctor took it for the change in weather. I recalled eating the same bad pastry puff from the same Hypermart!!!
I failed to take this as a warning.

As a photographer, I quickly reached for my camera and shot some photos and video clips.

Thanks to technology, the macro shots came out brilliant and also to Leica optics. You should see the Full High definition Video too!!!!
Yes, although the pack was on offer, the expiry date is valid. By the looks of it, it is not even entirely safe for human consumption.
Can I sue them for any health compensation?

We shop at this TESCO every week and have encountered hygiene concerns before. We have already made many complains and have blogged about it.

I was even injured with a bleeding finger one evening while using a faulty tap at their fish counter. All these came to naught even with apologies from their many 'managers'.

I lost count.

In my previous blogs, I have made official complaints about their dirty trolleys. They have noted and promised to look into it but even after more than a year, the trolleys are still in such dirty state.

My older blogs are here:-

1) of August 16, 2009
2) of April 20, 2010

Are our safety Food Standards going down the drain???

Made an official complaint to the Malay Mail Hotline.
This is their report of 2nd June.

When I went to meet them to settle this matter, they offered me a voucher and a no-liability letter to settle things. Not only I found this very insulting, I totally rejected this.

Therefore, this issue is NOT settled.
I was sold contaminated food period.
And by saying it publicly that the matter have been resolved, it is a blatant lie.
This is shameful.

My family and I will NOT shop here anymore. In fact we will NOT shop at any TESCO outlet anymore.

This is very shocking as it is a Multinational Company.


Isabel said...

so unclean!!

Natasha Aida said...


I bumped into ur blog as I searched for "complaints for Tesco" and would like to share you with my stories. I too have been unlucky with Tesco's food. Bought some chopped almonds last Thursday and didn't check the label. Then during the weekend, I just realised the expiry date, which is 30 June 2009!! I was cursing like mad but thankful I've checked the label. Better late than sorry right? Today I'll be going back to Tesco Extra Shah alam to file a complaint.

This is not the first time I've had the unluckiness with that Tesco. Early this year, I bought a pack of cream cheese and it's expiry date was suppose to be in August 2011. I had the shock of my life when I opened the cream cheese full with BLUE fuzzy mold!! When I returned to Tesco after 8 days (1 extra day from their 1 week policy), they wouldn't want to refund my money! I demand to see the manager, but the manager refused. The cashier had a very thick face to ask me "Does the cheese cost me a lot that I want to argue for a refund?" I felt like slapping the boy! It is not because of the money! They were arguing with me for their 7 days policy! I demanded to see the manager again, he told the manager I would not budge. Manager said he/she is busy and just give me back the refund without apologizing! I was really pissed!

After today, I hope that I won't have to step foot in that Tesco again! I apologize for the long story/comment but I just have to let people know the bad food/service from Tesco. They should seriously buck-up with the hygiene and take matters seriously!

Frustrated customer,

Birds Talking Too said...

The crux of the problem here is the attitude from the management right down to the workers.
After many years of dealing with them, I can safely conclude that almost all of them 'graduated' with text book teachings. Not from the heart for customers who is making up, in 'your' monthly salary. For example, there was a poster that appeared in one of the Tenaga Nasional counters. "Be sincere and courteous to your customers. We do not want to lose it to a competitor" See? Isn't typical textbook course style?
For TNB, what competitors are we talking about? It is a Monopoly business and many are just NOT hungry for business and services where it should be. The growing menace is now in the fast expanding Hypermarket business. Just where can one work in full aircond comfort with meals and uniform provided? Transport is also free in some cases.
A very long journey ahead, people!
and thanks for visiting Natasha.