Monday, October 20, 2008

Cineplex Istimewah

Welcome 7.1

Just completed testing out our upgrade and installation of our THX 7.1 sound system.

This is to complement our High Definition TV 1080p which started early this year. Our old version was DTS 5.1 and two weeks ago, we bought our 7.1 amplifier and 13 speaker/drivers for the 7 channel system.
This true 7.1 works and is also backward friendly. That would mean DVDs that features 5.1 is digitally played back giving a 7.1 effect. Only the BluRay Discs and downloaded Hard Disk programmes have true 7.1 sound. You got to hear to believe.

7.1 sound do not necessarily mean 'louder' volume or buying a larger LCD TV means having a bigger living room. These thoughts were already thing of the past. For LCD HDTV, the larger the size and sitting closer to the screen means getting into the visual dimension. Just like IMAX.
7 channels audio mean full audio dimensions i.e. 'your eyes can actually follow the moving sound'!
These life-like sound dimension appears only when necessary such as in action scenes. For example, aircrafts/helicopters/spacecrafts doing a flyby/flyover. It is a freak-out with 7.1.

This is the rear-side of our new Amplifier. Wowie, 3 HDMI in and 1 Out! 2 Digital Input and 2 Optical input!
Seven speakers output and one for sub-woofer. PLUS one additional Zone 2 pre-amp out!
Bi-amping on front speakers!
Our vintage and trusty JBL main pair of front speakers.

A phalanx of centre speakers, modified for higher spectrum frequency to get clearer speech and (dialog-y) movies such as "Michael Clayton" and "August Rush".
Our rear speakers are suspended but pointed down for a clearer 'Rear' effect.
Again, carefully modified for better sound spread, our array of side speakers gives a clean audio frequency between 1,500Hz to 18,000Hz.
The new Jamo active subwoofer is just perfect for our viewing area. It features some control- able booms and spread.
The new Onkyo's "Audyssey" 7.1 channel sound-check computed programming is tedious but is very accurate giving excellent results all the time.

Our connection from the program source is via Monster cable THX fibre-optic cable and Supra HDMIs. Monster's Co-axials are also being used.

Jazz and Classicals are played via a dedicated CD player. The older DVD's, another. Our main source is of course the TVIX by Divco HD player. Our total Hard Disk space is 4TB (TerraBytes)
The final result? A mini-cineplex!!!!Ha!Ha! This is 'that-kinda-noise' we love to hear.

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