Monday, October 6, 2008

Still don't feel like Blogging!


It is still shitty around me.

Dear All,

Gets up every morning and everything's still the same.
SSDD-Same Shit, Different Day.

We were supposed to have a change. Change for the better but what did we get?

Same people spewing shit from their mouths! Some 'educated' shithead suggests that their own family members 'should' be able to work in the same Government Departments!! Whadda Fcuk?

Let's see what's else is new in the News.

Robber BITES cop and lost two front teeth! Also, a bullet wound on the leg! Guess that nowadays having a nice set of real teeth is also a 'threat'!!!! Still wondering how did he fell and broke his teeth?


"We want to do it in a way where it is not monopolised by cartels or groups"....... Doesn't this Minister knows that ALL key items are already MONOPOLISED????? House phones? TV?Internet? Cable TV? Water? Electricity? Tolls? Newspapers?Busses?Taxis?Trains?....What else IS new? RPK is still locked-up!

.............2 suspects in RM4.5million van hijack out on bail!!! RPK is still locked-up!!!!!

As long as RPK is still locked-up and charged under ISA, Freedom IS dead!!!!!!!!!
To all those politicians whom the Rakyat have already kicked-in-the-butt, shut da fcuk up!!!!!!!

There is a chinese saying that....only in Malaysia, salted fish can still be alive!!!!!
Malaysia Boleh!

Still wishing for DDNS----Different Day, No shit!!! Set RPK Free, Today!!!!!!!

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