Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What the Hell happened to our Dear Country for the last 2 Months?

Most of them was a waste of time. We as ordinary citizens have already made our choice for change and we expected change.

The sore losers did not want to give up. Trouble followed.

The key issue is communicating and solving the problems.
We all know that the present (maybe the furure) education system sucks as compared to our Senior Cambridge days. Our spoken AND written English (Queen's) is impeccable and were all very proud to have achieved it to face the World and use it in our careers with success.
Nowadays, our kids speaks 'england' language and cannot even write a short composition without turning our hair white! (iF THERE ARE STILL SOME LEFT!)
Even Interviewing potentials with MBA's/or with 15As, what hair left on our heads dropped!

What else can we say more?

For the last month, I was truly aghasted and frustrated at so many silly remarks, actions and orders made by top people who , in the first place they are supposed to be better than us in terms of experiences and education. They were supposed to lead the way. The correct Path is to be hand-in-hand with our fellow Malaysians of different Races. To be United as One and share and help each other without fail. It was deeply expected because we as Malaysians reached 51 years of Independence. But did it happen?
Scores of mud were being slung left to right and vice-versa. Some bigger one hit the ceiling fan and we were all covered with shame, disgust,anger,fights and even one bloke climbed up to tear a picture of a handsome man. Because of all these, I missed eating Roti Canai.

Then, a naughty newspaper wrote something only cats and rats would understand. They hauled up a reporter and a Member of Parliament and charged them under the ISA. Was all these necessary? Was it also necessary to lock up RPK (Raja Petra Kamalludin too)? Just look at his face. Does he look like he can pose a Nasional security threat to our dear country?
To some, maybe.

Therefore, as a small 'fart' blogger like me, I pay my tax and is a citizen,I have every right to be concerned on how our beloved country should be run. I have the right to critize and be heard.
Just like the old PM said.

I am now going to continue blogging. I will tone down abit for the sake of my fellow bloggers but should another donkey brays shit! Even suggests shit without thinking, I will let go.
Dear readers of my blogs, I apologise for the duration of outbursts. I did realised that I am still human.

I kinda miss the Orchids, Birds, Travels, Food, and other hobbies that I have just started during the two frustrating months. Do drop by again and see. Thank You.

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