Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Internet Fcuked-up!

TM Again?
Telekoms Malaysia's the ONLY (truly) ISP. No one else!

Our Gormen have again gave TM (Tak Malu!) the only one to control ALL internet access in the country. The hush, hush, quick, quick (HSBB) High Speed Broadband signed agreement & subsidy have shown that this confirmation is without any transparency. Many are still in deep slumber that WiFi, Izzi, Digi,...blah!blah! are different BUT none of them are actually ISPs. The last-mile 'syndrome' is very well controlled by TM. No one else.......... or else... !!!!

That means, ONLY TM (Tak Malu) can give you the internet!!!!!!!!!
They even wanted 7 (yes, you hear right.... SEVEN) frigging years to decide (yes, you hear right again ...DECIDE, not to 'implement the service') the chargeable amount of access FEE to other companies that want to offer ISP services eg. Izzi, Digi, Lali, Lalu, Lagi.............etc. That would mean that they care only for the "Fees" and not the service to the Rakyat!
So typical of the Gormen's attitude in earning money ...'lesen', 'taksiran', 'permit','cukai','duti setem'......or how else can they service the over-bloated Gormen Department?

Whaddafcuk are the rest of us going to do about this? Remember all the One-sided Toll Highway agreements? We are allowing the same mistakes being made all over again! FCUK!

The HSBB was signed last Month!!!!!!! The Gormen gave everything to TM (Tak Malu) hook, line, sinker and even the angler and da boat!!!!!!! Today, they even gave away a subsidy!!!!!!!!

Just watch! We are NOT going to get anything more than 1Mbps (700Kbps) in this life time in Klang unless we go buy a house next to TM's (Tak Malu) exchange in Cyberjaya!!!! Better still stay next to the Prime Minister!!!!

All these Fcuking Awards like the "Fruck & Solliwan 2008".....here...Broadband Service Provider to TM (Tak Malu) being the best for the year??? Ha!Ha! Please lah, go to SS2 in PJ or Klang to see if there is another company offering broadband or not!!! Fcuk! Please lah no, NO other brand available lah! Only TM, TM, TM, TM and TM........

Please help us the Rakyat lah! We are still being SUCKED DRY until today. Oil prices have dropped but no good news for us yet!

RPK is still fighting to stay free. Just imagine that this person ACTUALLY risked his life to catch a criminal while trying to rob his neighbour. This HERO is now locked-up and left to rot. He is now Malaysia's Public Enemy Number One being charged under ISA!!!! Whaddafcuk?

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