Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fruits & Vegetables from China


Read the newspapers today and our Minister of Health says that Fruits, Vegetables and Eggs from China are SAFE. Really?
How can it be safe if none of the samples are actually tested? Classified under Level 4 means that only a sample is taken and can be immediately released into our market for sales. It looks like they are more concerned about backlogs (3/4 days storage delays) and losses incurred by the importer rather than the safety and health of us, ........the consumers. Wasn't it the same Ministry that only 'nod' a finger and agreed to let 'a batch of cancer causing' red food coloring be used till the stock runs out late last year? Huh..... da DVD actor-guy?
I read the news at 7.30am today but at 4pm, CNN reported that Hongkong have confirmed that eggs from China contains the dreaded Melamine!!!!!!

If one were to check it out, even in the most advanced countries testing for this new 'menace' is new and uncertain, yet our great and clever MINISTER says it is SAFE!!!!! It was also reported that there are NO SAFE LEVELS of Melamine!!!!!!! Whathen da FCUK!

Encik Liow (not even a doctor), you say is safe .............then you eat yah? We are NOT eating it.

Can we SUE the Gormen if anyone of us eat it and kena problems? We have 3 friends going through Cancer treatments and it is NO fun at all! Trust me.

Take care friends, just who can we trust nowadays?

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