Friday, October 10, 2008

Get A Life, Shithead!

Bloody Fcuking Scammer!

My new mobile phone number is only 29 days old. I changed it from 012.

There must be 'corrupted' officials from this company that sells their phone number lists to 3rd. parties especially to scammers and companies 'specialised' in things like these. This SMS message I received (about 3 times a day) is wearing me out.

Duit Raya? Geeze!Moi?

The sender is 22990. What and where is 22990? Is this allowed? Did the operator of this system encourages such activity? Ring Tones? Nigerian Scams? Scratch 'n Win?

Just WHY can't people go out and earn money the old fashioned way? Plain hard work!

Greed? Gotta pay for your BMW installments? Get Rich Quick?
Fcuking lazy fcukers! What da fcuk MCMC is doing about these?

Bloody fools!


*+* Carmen *+* said...

i know its the "C" co... it happened to me these few days, same irritating

Birds Talking Too said...

Yup, agreed, it is company 'C' which is owned by company 'T' who so strangely, also sold my name and address to a scammer, who is sending me a flyer (4 times a year)promoting a thai temple in Kedah,that offers special 4D/3D charms and guarantees winning.
Proof? Ha!Ha! This is the ONLY utility company I use my full name of Birth!!!!
I seriously think that these kind of authorities are reaching a dead end in finding quick cash! So far, money came so quickly and now, by breeding like flies, we got more of them, all hard up. Go eat up your own kind!
DIE quickly you scammers!