Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One please, not One Hundred!

Quality Please!

If you want to 'Ape' others and to attract customers, please lah, have some quality.

As you know by now, Malaysians are always attracted like flies, to 'cheaper' sales especially with lower prices of Milo, Diapers, toilet rolls, tissue boxes, Fabric Conditioners, Detergent, Horlicks..,
Just look at da car parking lot whenever there are such sales. They even park discriminately by the Highways! Kiasus!
Therefore not to be out done, these bigger hypermarts started to introduce their own 'branded' everything such as soap powders and tissue boxes.

TESCO is one of them.

We bought them and the batch we kena is definetly defective! You pull for one sheet, it come connected to 100 sheets! Apparently, the actual manufacturer's tissue cutter is faulty.
So we as customers, get to buy more tissue boxes is it? Bodoh lah!
Please wake up TESCO!!!!! This is due to POOR quality Control!!!!!!

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