Friday, November 21, 2008

Just what da fuck is wrong with us?


The above phrase is now mis-understood.
No thanks to our very poor understanding of the English language.

When the seller says that "buy one, free one", it is generally meant that when we buy one, we would get another SAME item for free. It could also mean that we get two SAME items for the price of one.

Cock's Mammoth's advertisement last week and also today's, screamed that "Buy one, Get three free!" do not make sense! You buy one TV, they give you a smaller TV, a toaster and a sandwich maker for free. Does this qualify for such claim as 'Buy one get Three Free' tagline?

The executives at Cock's Mammoths should be sent back to school or be sacked!!!! Hope that this person did not get 16As in school! Whadda Dumb Fuck!

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