Thursday, November 13, 2008

Which is Correct?

Addressing Names

It is getting unbearable.
How do one address another person correctly?

For example:-
Let us say that there is a gentleman by the name of Barack Obama.
How do we address him correctly (not a full President yet)?
Mr. Obama? or Mr. Barack?

Here in Malaysia it is very common (nowadays .......since good English has died!) that our younger people would call him Mr. Barack!!!!! The main argument is that Barack is his name and Obama is his father's name and calling or addressing him as Mr. Barack is correct.

I honestly think this is incorrect! On the phone, in letters and even e-mails I get people calling me Mr. Donald!!! It is just like calling others Mr. George (for George Bush), Ms. Britney (for Britney Spears) or Mr. Elton, Mr. Bill, Ms Michelle (for Michelle Yeoh)........Duh!

Just because in the Malay and Tamil language this is practiced, it does not mean that it can be changed universally and by not correcting this sitaution, we are making arseholes out of ourselves.
Do you call Ms Lindsay? Ms. Angelina? Ms.Kim? Mr.Ryan? Mr.Robin? Ms.Sigourney?Mr.Tom?.......Ha!Ha! Why not just call the name minus the Mr. or Ms? That is what names are for ...yah? Please cut the Mr. crap or at least address the name in full.

Can you imagine come 20th. January 2009 that we Malaysian address the US President as President Barack!!!!!!! (after all his Father's name is Obama!)

The next time I get a phone call asking for Mr. Donald, I would just hang up......or better still....... I may just reply that the Duck is not in! Fcuk!

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