Thursday, November 20, 2008

Talikoms Malaysia

You don't have to do this
everytime it Rains, TM!

Everytime it rains heavily in Klang, someone's home phone goes 'DEAD'.
So talikoms called their 'OUT-SAUCE' (hic!...outsourced) kontractor to go do some repairs.
Why? This is because our 'antique-cated' phone lines are still connected to copper wires.

Do not know what happened to all da "talk-cock" making Malaysia a World Class Multimedia
Country blah, blah..... and what happened to all da money already spent to lay da fibre-optik?

Went to talikoms yesterday and asked again when we 'pokai people' can get 4Mbps?
TAK TAHU!!!!!! was da reply. Fuck!
Just when can TAHU?
TAK TAHU!!!!!!was da reply again. Double Fuck!

This is a Fucked up Country! Please stop talking about naming roads like "Jalan Multimedia" .It is begining to look like your multimedia is only for the very rich people and ones who can afford to buy a house in Putrajaya/Cyberjaya!!!!
Why not name roads like Jalan Pokai, Jalan Bohong,Jalan Malu, Jalan Buaya? Oh! got Jalan Sg.Buaya already!
It is still 1 Mbps (pay for 1 Mbps but get only 700Kbps) "narrowband" for us in Klang!!!!Fuck!

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