Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cheating or What?

This time it's Carrefour!!!!!

"Consumers must be Smart" says the Minister of Consumer Affairs.
"REDUCTION in prices of essentials" he screamed recently!!!!

We were cheated by Carrefour in Klang few days ago. The newspaper advertisement said that for RM5.00 we can buy 3 tins of 'Maligold' Sweetened Creamer. Usually it is RM2.50/tin. For two days, this Hypermart gives you good deal! Balls again!
Yes, it was advertised even at the grand entrance of the mart. It also screamed RM5.00 for 3 tins at the display section. The signage card measures 24"x12" in Red and Yellow.

Wow, very attractive.
So we took the offer. We also took note.

Yet when we checked out, they charged us full price!!!!! What da BALLS!!! Farkau!!
Another farked up Hypermart cheat again.

"Computer error..."the supervisor said!!!

Balls!!!! I say.
The time of the incident was 5pm and the cashier had the cheek to say that we were the first one to complain! Balls again. Just how many stupid consumer actually look at their bill???
Why so many stupid 'chin-chye' customers let the Hypermarkets get away?
Another funny thing hor. Why is it that ONLY at the Hypermarket, we must pay in full BEFORE we see the actual bill? Is it not against Consumers Rights?

Also, can we DEMAND that the Ministry issues an order to all retail outlets that price stickers be placed on EVERY item so that we can see what we are paying for? The excuse is long overdue because these outlets claimed that it is too tedious to do so as they sells by the thousands per week. Yah! they also cheats by the thousands weekly if consumers are too chin-chye!!!

It is not that we cannot afford it at normal price but principally, it is not correct!

It is darn right 'cheating by 'ignorance'!

Hey Minister, please do your work properly lah! We da poor folks are getting broke and angry already. We are experiencing these silly excuses for 10 years already!!!!! Was any of them FINED before?

Enough of cheating and pretenses!!!!!! FUCK!

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Anonymous said...

Why does it say RM5.40 voided, should have been RM5 ?

I complained to the Carrefour manager (Mid V) the other day as the last 3 times I buy Walls Minipoppers they were soft and broken. Luckily I opened the box as soon as I bought them, so took them back immediately. Got a refund, but the manager wasn't interested in my complaint.