Sunday, August 16, 2009

Unhygenic Trolleys!

Wake Up, TESCO!

I have been observing that many hypermarts do not clean up their trolleys. Some supermarts just leave the entire cluster out in the rain so that it can 'automatically' be washed by mother nature!

At TESCO, I made an official complain months ago after finding one (the damn lazy workers did not refill them at the area for customers to take) in the covered car park but was in an unhygenic condition which was filthy! There were unwanted leaflets strewn about, a cup of spilt milk (or something dreadful like baby's vomit!!) and guess what? A USED BABY DIAPER!

A USED BABY DIAPER!!! Damn it TESCO! It sure contains Baby's SHIT!!!!!
Are we supposed to use this to help us carry our foodstuff while shopping?
Hey TESCO, I have made a complain but months after, we still see the trolleys unclean!
I even cautioned the 'foreign worker' about this but he was rude! I strongly believe he does not care about it. I also believe that these 'damned workers' are from a third world country and may be eating shit for meals! It was pure filthy mind you! If they do not care for ours and our country's health, they should pack up and leave.

Just stop opening up so many hypermarts and employs 'foreigners' who also eat our already shortaged food-stuff, breath our already polluted air, drink our already polluted water and taking away our precious jobs!

Please don't blame the public (I have given up hope on most of them anyway). It is the duty of the outlet to provide us clean (and working!) trolleys anyway.
With diseases like the H1N1 on the prowl, things like this would make it worst!
Want to see these dirty trolleys for yourselves? Just go to TESCO Setia Alam, Klang!
Go there at peak periods! You will never be dissapointed!

Shame on you TESCO! You are supposed to be a multi-national company with good international standards. I am a regular shopper there and you owe me an explaination!


Anonymous said...

hmm, keep on writing letters to management levels Uncle Tan!

Once we had a funeral parlour opened next to our shop; you know Chinese la, how could they simply approve permits to these type of special business right, they should be given a zone.

Anyway, we wrote letters to Jabatans...yea nothing happened after that, but at least i did my part to submit a complain.

Business was never the same again though i must say. alot of people got quite pantang as they passed by our area..

Birds Talking Too said...

Yup! wrote to them at da HQ via the INTERNET!!!! Gosh how fast and sure this is yet, still no reply.
It is just like giving me and my wife, da middle finger!
Wait till we give them our TWO middle fingers!!!