Tuesday, December 23, 2008



Yesterday some experts were talking about solving the problem of too much Mosquitoes in the country by suggesting to our Gormen that they have a solution.
You see, they want to release a specially modified (Genetically) bred Mozzies that can do a Kung-Poo, Silat and also armed with a Kandar stick to kick ass in Pulau Ketam.
They also say that it can work. Here

The problem is that they cannot guarantee what can happen if it goes out of control! Do you agree?

Please stop fcuking around with Mother Nature.

We now have diseases that we cannot pronounce it correctly. First was Dengee (see, I can't even spell it right!) and next is something called Chee-Kung-cheebye...something like this.....!!!!!!

Just send out more Municipal workers to clean up da fcuking mess especially areas clogged up with garbage thus breeding mosquitoes which causes disease.
Send those 'thousands of jobless illegals' rounded up recently to do this job. They may be the same thousands, if not, a million (by now), who dirty our beloved country in the first place!!!!!!!!!
Whadda Fcuk!

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