Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hello There!

"I Am a Green Lizard"

This picture was taken at 1pm today. This was at the Taman Alam, Kuala Selangor Nature Bird Park, Selangor. "Anyone out there knows my name?"
Appreciates if any 'lizard' specialists knows what type of wild cicak is this!

Went birding this morning but all we saw was plenty of "two-legged noise makers" that come in droves. Inspite of large notice Boards requesting silence in appropriate languages, still, these un-educated fools makes lots of un-necessary noise!!!!!!! Not only the resident Monkeys were agitated, we got out of the place as fast as we came in.
Just how does one observe birds with so much disturbances? Pure un-educated fools!
We sprayed on mosquito repellant. There were thousands of 'em. Still wondering how these un-educated fools handled da mosquitoes! There were no birds too. Wondered why?


wiccanlilly said...

Aw... he is so pretty :)) Nice shot.

Looks like a Green Crested Lizard (Bronchocela Cristatella) from the Agamidae family. A common tree lizard found in gardens and parks.

Birds Talking Too said...

Hi wiccanlilly,
Thanks for the ID.
He is nice. He must be curious seeing us all bothered-up by the 'millions' of mosquitoes!!

Cheers and Regards
Birds Talking Too